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Growing Up On a Dead End Street Was a Great Beginning is a lighthearted reminiscence of the author’s life with his parents, sister, brother, and many friends during an important time in American history. There are many silly talkies of events in the author’s childhood (and a few sad ones) that helped shape his approach to life.

This book includes some very influential sayings that are offered moral guidance to a young boy. They come from the Bible, the author’s father, Will Rogers (the cowboy philosopher of that time), and others. These sayings helped guide the author as he grew from a child to an adult, and it is his hope that the wisdom contained within will help others on their journey to adulthood. This book also features several stories about how unbelievably small this world can be at times, which will astound you. 

By the end of this book, there will be no doubt that growing up in America during this time was the greatest time and place in which to experience childhood.

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